Speed up first login on Windows 10

I work in a place where we have a lot of kiosk pc’s and pc’s that people can borrow. This mean that it is a first logon (almost) every time someone is logging in to Windows. The first logon time is not very fast in Windows 10, in fact it is very slow. There are some thing that you can do to speed up the first login time.

  1. Remove Windows store apps
  2. Remove “First login animation”
  3. Remove “Consumer” apps
  4. Added a auto logon with a _”Dummy” user
  5. Remove printer mapping via GPO or uses Printer driver version 4

1. Windows store apps is getting installed in the user profile on every user that logon to Windows. And this takes time. So I remove the Windows store apps that I don’t need with PowerShell. Michael Niehaus have written a PS script that does it based on a XML file. Get RemoveApps.zip here. You just comment the apps that you want to keep in the XML file and then run the script. You can add it to a SCCM task sequence. read more