Enable MDT monitoring

MDT monitoring comes handy if you want to see the progress with a OSD or remote control a Pc in WinPE. Here is the steps to enable monitoring in MDT. Thanks to Johan Arwidmarks post for the inspiration.

1. Install Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2013 Update 2 on your SCCM server with default settings.

2. Create a deployment share with the Wizard

3. Right click on the deployment share and choose “Properties”

4. Click on the Monitoring tab –> mark “Enable monitoring for this deployment share” –> type in your SCCM server name in “Monitoring host”

5. Open your MDT CustomSettings.ini and add “EventService=http://SCCM_SERVER:9800”

6. Replicate the SCCM package that contains the CustomSettings.ini

6. Open port 9800 in the windows firewall

You have now enabled MDT monitoring and the Pc’s will show up in the monitoring node in the MDT console. From here you can also remote control the PC in WinPE if you have enabled that. See this post to enable remote control in WinPe.