Setup a SCCM Technical Preview lab server in Azure

To get an idea of what is going to be in the next SCCM CB, it is a good idea to setup a SCCM TP lab. You can do that in Azure and here is how. This is a quick and dirty SCCM TP lab just to get an idea what new features might be in the next release.
So I have not created any client for deployment. If you want a bigger lab, then you can see this article: read more

New job….

I’m waiting for my connected fight in Dubai and it is delayed, so why not write a blog post Smile

It have been a while since I have posted on the blog. It is because I have changed job. I’m now working as a Senior Consultant with the responsibilities for the SCCM environment, of Couse Smile, and all the technologies with in the Client area. So right now there is a lot of thing on my mind regarding the new position. But expect to see more post in the near future. read more

Speed up first login on Windows 10

I work in a place where we have a lot of kiosk pc’s and pc’s that people can borrow. This mean that it is a first logon (almost) every time someone is logging in to Windows. The first logon time is not very fast in Windows 10, in fact it is very slow. There are some thing that you can do to speed up the first login time. read more